Dreaming of a life after phishing?
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We designed this attention-grabbing video and online campaign for your customers with customer feedback to ensure it is both memorable and effective at creating awareness around .BANK and its enhanced cybersecurity.

The campaign launches directly to customers Q1 2022
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You're Going to Want a '.BANK Secure' Bank

BANK is a restricted domain, like .gov or .edu, but for verified banks.

.BANK replaces open domains, like .com (which can be purchased by anyone, for any reason), and quickly authenticates that the website or email is legitimately from a bank. You can interact with confidence when you see the ‘.BANK’ at the end of an email address or website URL.

Banks must undergo a multi-step verification and authentication process to obtain a .BANK domain, ensuring bad actors can’t get .BANK domains to use in phishing and spoofing cyberattacks.

Banks must set up multiple layers of cybersecurity requirements, which are continuously monitored, to use their .BANK domain, ensuring the bank has enhanced security against the most common cyberattacks impacting the bank and its customers.


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A move to .BANK protects against phishing, spoofing and other cyberattacks

Use our videos, social posts, posters, flyers and more to educate your customers alongside us!

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